The safety philosophy of SafeSchools is based upon the fundamental belief that safety is about looking after people and doing the right thing. We are not driven to achieve compliance, rather we believe that compliance will come, through doing the right thing

The implication of this for the education sector is that if staff and students feel safe and secure, they will then be free to teach and learn without fear. This is particularly true of education outside of the classroom (EOTC) activities.

The objective of Safeschools is to offer schools support in ensuring that all practicable steps are being taken to ensure that schools are safe places for staff, students, visitors and contractors.

Point of difference

Safeschools is staffed by teachers who appreciate that schools are fundamentally different to most other organisations and require specific solutions to safety issues.

Our main concern is making schools safer, so whenever possible we make resources free to download.

We also offer an ever growing range of other specialist services including a range of audits, hazard management and contractor advice, tailor-made training, as well as, an EOTC documentation checking service.